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Roxanne, Founder & Artist

I love art.  I love color.  I've been creative ever since I could hold a crayon, and I've always loved having pretty colors on my nails.  Over the past few years, I started having trouble finding colors that I liked.  I couldn't find the sheer, frosty colors that looked best on me.  Everything was going toward heavy glittered polishes and creamy colors.  They're fun on lots of people.  I just wasn't one of them. 


Then, when my favorite go-to polish was discontinued, my nail tech joked that I should just make my own.  Huh.  I should just make my own?  I should make my own!  After much research and testing, I'm making my own nail polish.  It's so magical to have options, that I called them nail potions!  It turns out that I'm not the only one who has been missing these colors.  Many people asked about my polish, and wanted to buy it.  So, fellow seekers, here is INNERSCAPES NAIL POTIONS

Many of my colors are pale or sheer, but they're never boring!  A bonus for making my own polishes is that I can carefully choose everything that goes in them:  mineral pigments,  most colors are vegan, and they are 10-free, dye-free and cruelty-free.  I'm chemically sensitive, as are some of my family and friends, so I especially wanted to create something for us.  Even being free of the 10 most toxic ingredients found in polishes, these amazing nail potions LAST.  And after two years of continuous use - my nails are not yellow!  Tested by my friends and family who are sensitive to many cosmetic ingredients and chemicals, these potions have passed our sensitivity test.  (Though everyone is different and I can't guarantee that they'll work for everyone.  Always do a test nail to see if it's safe for you.) As an artist, brushes are important to me.  INNERSCAPES NAIL POTIONS have a premium brush and a longer cap that delivers a smooth, even, controlled, streak-free coat of polish, even if you consider yourself unskilled at painting nails.  My nail models are friends and family (even myself), so the photos you see are on hands that work hard and play hard.

I've named each hand-crafted color after a Goddess, to honor the divine in all of us.  Each small batch is handmade with care from high-quality ingredients just waiting for you to discover.  

Put a little magic in your life and let your inner Goddess shine!  

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